BIM Quickscan

2013 – WordPress, GravityForms, JavaScript

A WordPress plugin which extends the GravityForms plugin to allow creating a custom form to determine the level of Building Information Model (=BIM) capability for a company. It can show charts per company type and for self filled in forms or forms filled in by a professional.

News site data import/export and migration

2013 – WordPress, XML, Database migration

A plugin which handles the extraction of news articles from an old database (about 1GB in data) and could import from news feeds. Imported news could be automatically published or during business hours when editors are available news articles are not published but stored and a notification mail tells the editors of the new message so they can adjust it and decide to publish it.

GravityForms Google Docs and iDeal

2013 – WordPress, Gravity Forms, iDEAL for Gravity Forms

Expanding on the plugin which could connect Gravity Forms with Google Docs Spreadsheet it can now also send Gravity Forms with iDeal payment. These forms are sent after payment confirmation has been received (or another payment status) instead of directly after users submit the form, this way the right status can be set for the payment in the form as well.

De goedkoper site

2013 – WordPress, Google Maps

A simple WordPress network theme to display customized product related sites and a site to show an overview of all the product sites. Product sites can contain printable vouchers and Google maps with locations where to redeem these or make use of the offers on the site.

WordPress plugin for event management

2012 – WordPress plugin, PDF, Excel, GravityForms

A plugin which extends GravityForms by adding a field for selecting a company, location and creating a special WordPress post with every entry serving as an event. After each month bills can be generated based on the entered events for each company, these are available for download as PDF files. Statistics about the events and event lookups can be accessed at any time and downloaded in an Excel file.

WordPress plugin for questionnaire and e-mail reports

2012 – WordPress plugin

A WordPress plugin which enabled creating a questionnaire based on posts and linking it together allowing for multiple paths based on specific answers. Each questionnaire entry creates a report for administrators to evaluate, add recommendations and then send out as an e-mail.

Sooqr plugin for WordPress

2012 – WordPress, Sooqr

A plugin which enables updates and complete exports for parts of the website or the entire content of a WordPress site to be imported by Sooqr for their search system.

Cleaning supply website based on WordPress

2012 – WordPress

A website for a company selling cleaning supplies based. I created a custom WordPress template and integrated it with several available plugins.

WordPress plugin for GravityForms

2012 – WordPress plugin, GravityForms, GoogleDrive

A WordPress plugin extending GravityForms functionality to enable sending form entries through to a Google Drive spreadsheet. Each form field can be set to be sent to a specific spreadsheet, worksheet and column or multiple. Conditional logic can be used to only send the entries when certain values are set in the form entry.

WordPress plugin for website Welzorg

2012 – WordPress plugin, GravityForms

A plugin for WordPress which enabled importing an Excel spreadsheet with contact information and selecting a certain email address in a GravityForms form based on the entered zipcode. Thus allowing mails to be sent to the proper district.