BIMSupporters IFC analysis

2019 – WordPress, AWS, BimServer, GravityForms

Two WordPress plugins, one for processing IFC files and retrieving a BimServer report and the other to show the processed IFC files report with charts and comparing it to averages. The plugin in which the user uploads an IFC file uses a GravityForms form after which the user can upload the IFC file (can be multi GB files) to an AWS S3 instance. While the upload is in progress the user is shown a progress bar, after the upload the IFC file is sent to a BimServer for analysis and the results retrieved and stored in the GravityForms entry. The results are used to generate averages and shown as reports which can be shared by the users. international address data API

2018, 2019 – Proprietary PHP MVC Framework, API

Work on multiple applications for importing address from multiple countries, organizing the data and querying the data. The API offers a single input address search on city name, postcode or street, narrowing the the region until a single address can be selected and data retrieved on the single address. Queries can use combined data to retrieve specific addresses such as a street name and city.

Jilster webshop connection

2017, 2018: WordPress, WooCommerce, Laravel

A WordPress plugin which added the function to WooCommerce to dynamically retrieve product information from another application (Laravel) where users create their own magazines. The products would dynamically pull in thumbnail images, the number of pages and their title. The number of pages together with WooCommerce product variation properties were used to calculate the price. Some of the API methods in the Laravel application were added as well.

Credit rating service

2016 – Proprietary PHP MVC Framework, Experian, SOAP

A service used by the below mentioned payment service to determine if a user is expected to be credit worthy of the purchase. It used a system of programmable and versioned rules which could use data from multiple sources to generate a score and a recommendation for the payment service on whether to allow the user credit, ask the user for more information or deny credit. Multiple rulesets for differemt situations were available. The most important data source was the Experian webservice.

Pay after purchase service

2015, 2016, 2017 – Proprietary PHP MVC Framework

A payment service which allowed users to engage in a payment obligation to be satisfied at a later time. The implementation included systems to allow users to fulfill their obligation. Sending out notifications to the user payment was still required. Allowing merchants to see the status of payments to them depending on the level of payment insurance they would need.

2014 – WordPress, WP-CLI, Database Migration, Data import

For a new version of the website (a dutch new site) I changed the import tool for, it required an addition to allow importing attachments and being able to deal with multisites. I could also add some more performance improvements to increase the import speed. In total 250,000 news articles (most with images) were imported to the main site.


2014 – WordPress, WP-CLI, Database Migration, Data import

For I created multiple import modules to import company reviews and companies into a WordPress database. As there was a lot of data this required a creative sollution as using regular WordPress functions to import the data would be much too slow. I created a WP-CLI import tool which used PDO without autocommit to insert large amounts of data into the WordPress database. There were multiple data sources such as an API, a database dump and CSV files, all of the source data is converted to a basic format and imported through the same module.


2014 – WordPress, GravityForms, Google Charts

This WordPress plugin, for the dutch innovation institute TNO, allows comparing products based on configurable criteria. A questionairre is configured using a custom post type and would generate a GravityForms form once configured. The form would only be accessible through a unique link send to participants by email. With the filled in questionairres a report and many charts are generated based on the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP). The initiators can then download the report and charts for further use and processing.

BIM BCF Server

2014 – WordPress, API, JSON, BCF

A WordPress plugin which adds a number of shortcodes to WordPress to allow management of BIM BCF issues, users can upload their issues and link them to a BIM server. The BCF API allows users to extract their issues and add new issues to their account. Users have access to any issues belonging to projects they have access to through a BIM server.

Crypto Currency Chart

2013 – YUI3, Charts, PHP

A website which shows the price history of crypto-currencies in bitcoin, dollars, euros or GBPs. The chart can be configured to show linear or logarithmic scaling and more than 100 crypto-currencies can be compared. It also shows the last stored values of these currencies and allows users to calculate the total value of any amount of these currencies in USD, Euro or GBP.